Reneé Potgieter

Distributed by Gentle Approach, importers of eco–conscious hair care and beauty products. Managing Director Reneé Potgieter envisions the South African hair and beauty industry to be free of toxic filled products that harm your scalp, hair and bodies.

An advocate for ‘Keeping it Real’ we will not lie to you about the products we offer you. We are here to serve you and not sell to you. We do not use gimmicks, fancy editing on images or exaggerate the benefits of the products we suggest.

Our goal is to get your hair healthy and for you to remain authentic in your beauty.


HAIRPRINT is a scientific breakthrough in natural colouring that heals and restores colour to your hair.

Created by the acclaimed chemist, Dr John Warner of the Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Massachusetts. HAIRPRINT is a safe non–toxic process that mimics the colouring process that hair goes through infusing hair with its natural pigment instead of stripping the hair.

Awarded with the highest honour in American chemistry, the Perkin Award, Dr Warner worked for four years to find a natural way to colour hair. Working with grey coloured extensions, after testing many strands, he found the results to be inconsistent. Later he discovered that the test samples came from various sources. It then became evident to Dr Warner that HAIRPRINT was, in fact, restoring colour to the hair. Warner soon theorised that HAIRPRINT might be restoring the natural pigment to hair and to test his theory; he applied it to his hair.

The result was his hair returned to the colour it was 30 years prior. HAIRPRINT was born.

Jasmine Scalesciani, an ambassador for clean beauty, non-toxic hair products and minimising our effects on the ocean, heads up HAIRPRINT USA.

In 2012 a small science-based company in Sausalito, California undertook the mammoth task to develop a non-toxic method to restore grey hair to its natural colour.

Co-founder of a scientific discipline called green chemistry – a science which takes its cues from nature, Dr Warner along with other inspiring individuals created HAIRPRINT. Green chemistry employs benign, non-toxic molecules to achieve better results than synthetic chemicals.


Jasmine Scalesciani

Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken is not only the creative director at HAIRPRINT but also its co-founder. A range of hair and beauty products based on wild botanicals, the non-toxic hair colouring treatment with a cult following in the wellness industry is the biggest discovery in hair colour since 1908.

Before launching HAIRPRINT, Jasmine’s private practice in Los Angeles was a beacon for those seeking wellness, beauty and longevity. With an A-list of celebrity clients, Fortune 500 entrepreneurs and professional athletes, Jasmine’s treatments and cleansers are highly sought after.

Inspiring women everywhere to embrace their singular beauty, Jasmine integrates the medicinal properties of herbs, flowers and foods, using its benefits to teach women to grow in beauty, from within.

HAIRPRINT was created to make a difference in how we enhance our beauty. We align our beliefs with the sanctity of the body and the earth.

Working with future generations in mind, HAIRPRINT will always resist a culture that is unfair and unrealistic in defining beauty standards for both men and women.

Our motto is simple:

  • If you want to enhance your beauty, you should be able to do so safely.
  • Take care of our environment and reduce the negative effect hair care products are having on marine life, with approximately 90% of hair care products passing through our drainage system and flowing to our water sources,
  • If you want to empower a girl, give her an education.

HAIRPRINT USA give at least 20% of profits to furthering the development and education of girls in various disadvantaged countries.

We want to make this world a cleaner, safer place and with your help, we can do just that!

If we you’re not sure about which HAIRPRINT product will work for you, head on over to FAQ to get a better insight into what will work for you.


Provide cleaner, safer and healthier beauty alternatives


Lessen the negative effect of hair products on marine life


Empower girls in developing countries through education