How to Prepare Your Hair for HAIRPRINT Colour Restoration

It takes courage to try something new and unfamiliar, especially when it comes to beauty and personal care. If you’re looking to ditch the conventional colour and try HAIRPRINT instead – we salute you!

Before you dive into the wonderful world of truly natural colour restoration, there are a few things you need to know. Getting a HAIRPRINT treatment is an investment, and we want to help you make sure you get the best possible results from that investment.

One Week Before Treatment

Start preparing your hair one week before you’re due to use a HAIRPRINT colour restoration treatment, be it at home or in the salon. Just like an artist must prepare their canvas before making that first brush stroke, you need to get your hair properly cleansed and ready, before that masterpiece can shine.

A week before treatment, STOP using any and all conventional hair care products. No shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses or sprays. No dry shampoos either!

Why? Well, these products are filled with silicones and other chemicals which build up on your hair over time, and this build-up can affect the efficacy of your HAIRPRINT treatment.

If your hair shaft is coated in build-up or “blockers”, the HAIRPRINT treatment can’t get into the hair to work its melanin restoration magic. This means you might see it “slip off” or lose its depth and intensity within just one or two weeks of your treatment. This is not something you want to happen when you’re taking the plunge and investing in an innovative new way to care for your hair!


Removing Chemical Residue from Your Hair

Ideally, we would recommend prepping your hair using HAIRPRINT’s Chelating Shampoo, which is 100% natural and works wonders in removing mineral deposits and chemical build-up.

However, importing HAIRPRINT shampoos internationally via air freight is currently too costly – the shampoos weigh more than the colour restoration products and are therefore significantly more expensive. The Rand-Dollar exchange rate has also made it difficult to afford air freight prices for these products. Not only that, the shampoos are currently being reformulated, so we’d prefer to bring in the new and improved formulas when we can.

The good news is, even without this special chelating formula, you can create your own DIY residue-free hair cleansing treatment at home.

If your hair starts to feel greasy or dry during the week, use these 100% natural solutions to wash and condition it:

Home-Made Shampoo

To make a natural, no-build-up shampoo, mix some bicarbonate of soda and water into a paste. Cover your hair with this paste and massage it well into your scalp. Then rinse it off in the shower. Repeat if needed. Your hair will be left squeaky-clean and grease-free.

Natural Conditioner

To condition your hair, use apple cider vinegar in the final rinse. This golden vinegar will soften your hair and add shine. You can also mix it with water and add it to a spray bottle, for use after shampooing.


Your HAIRPRINT Pre-Treatment

The pre-treatment currently has a very high alkalinity of 9, and it’s important to keep this in mind when applying it to your hair. Don’t apply the pre-treatment to areas that you won’t be colouring, especially the ends of your hair. The high alkalinity will leave it feeling hard and dry.

Before the pre-treatment, apply a natural oil or butter to the ends of your hair, to make sure they don’t get pre-treated. Use coconut oil, jojoba oil or shea butter. This creates a “mask” that protects the ends from the highly alkaline pre-treatment formula.

Remember though, don’t put the oil near the areas you DO want to treat, or that will prevent the HAIRPRINT product from getting into your hair.


Homeopathy, Not Pharmacology

Unlike conventional hair colours, HAIRPRINT is not a chemical-laden quick fix. It’s very different to what we normally think of as hair dye, and that means we must use very different methods to see the results really shine. We can’t apply old logic to new solutions.

On your HAIRPRINT journey, we’d like to challenge you to “become your own chemist”, by using these home-made hair care goodies to prepare your hair for treatment. Big change is never comfortable, but it’s always worth it, and you’ll be amazed by the benefits at the end of the day!