Restoring colour to Beards & Facial Hair

The texture, strength, and porosity of beards and facial hair are different to the hair on your head.

Your beard or facial hair might not be as open to accepting the melanin that the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer is pushing into the hair. Set aside a little more time as the process of colouring facial hair might take longer.

Some men are happy with the result, and others aren’t.
At first, follow the standard method of application.
If you would prefer more grey coverage the next time you apply the treatment try the application for resistant hair.
  • Leave the PREPARE for 20 – 30 minutes – work the shampoo into the hair soften it. The more resistant the beard, the longer you should leave it on.
  • Try working a teaspoon of baking soda into the lathered up shampoo (to raise the alkalinity)
  • Try to avoid applying to areas that have NO or little grey. Sometimes the moustache can have less or no grey, with the beard having a lot. By not colouring what is you’re natural with little grey will not darken that area, which will make the grey hair that needs the coverage look more equalised to the moustache.
  • Starting with a full kit is safer for your hair and beard application.
  • Liquid and Powder can be totals split equally to use the kit more than once.