Best Application Method – Standard Application

Choose the best application method for your hair type and its current condition.

You might need to check the colour chart to ensure you will be using the right shade.

The success of HAIRPRINT lies in the state of the hair. If the hair seems blocked or coated with anything, the colour restorer will not be able to penetrate the hair shaft.

The Standard application is a simpler process for hair that is:

  • Less than 50% grey.
  • If the percentage of coverage does not concern you with the odd grey hair staying uncoloured.
  • Not colour resistant/stubborn.

The Regrowth application is the same as the standard application.

When concentrating on regrowth or roots only, protect the ends you don’t want to colour.

You would protect the ends in the following scenarios:

  • You don’t want the ends any darker.
  • Your mid-lengths and ends are not in good condition and are compromised/damaged.
  • Your hair is currently much lighter than what your natural hair used to be.

The Resistant application is ideal for hair that is stubborn to absorbing colour or has proven to be resistant in the past. Essentially you are refilling the hair shaft that once had eumelanin.

  • The natural colour will not restore in one colour application.
  • You are in control of how much natural colour and pigment you restore.
  • You can repeat the three steps as regularly as you like. You are mostly filling an empty “cylinder” with pigment. Once it is full, it will possibly start to go darker than intended.
  • Try the double application method upon your first HAIRPRINT treatment.