What causes hair to go grey?

Before we can understand what causes grey hair, we must look at how hair gets it colour. 

Melanogenesis is the process of melanin production by melanocyte cells. The result of the production, known as pigments,  we find pigment in our skin, hair and eyes. Melanogenesis can be used to explain how the sun colours your skin, how your eyes get their colour and how our hair colours in its follicle.  When hair goes grey, the body has stopped producing natural melanin.

HAIRPRINT mimics this process using toners to nudge the colour restoring treatment to lean in one direction or another. Your hair however ultimately chooses the colour.

Some of the known causes of grey hair outside of natural ageing process include:

  • Diet — A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can accelerate grey hair, especially vitamins B-12, C, E, zinc and copper. Anaemia and thyroid conditions can also be a cause.  Junk food can cause oxidative stress to the body. Eating well is the lesson.
  • Stress – Stress as a result of lack of sleep, overworking, extreme shock, certain pharmaceuticals, and smoking can accelerate changes in the hair. Chemotherapy has been known to turn hair grey almost overnight.
  • Hair dyes — Powerful scavengers are found in permanent hair dyes that grab electrons wherever they can causing oxidative stress and sensitization that can lead to serious allergies, as well as potentially damage your DNA. The molecules in hair dye are so small that they could easily pass through the skin into your bloodstream.  We do not know what hair dyes do inside the body. There are two basic types of cells in the follicle: keratinocytes which make hair fibre and melanocytes producing pigment. Both can be affected by the constant exposure to toxic chemicals. Ironically, dyeing may accelerate the greying of hair and can damage the capacity of follicles that produce the healthier hair.
  • Genetics — People of different ethnic origin tend to go grey at various rates. Caucasians go grey the fastest. Slower than Caucasians are Asians. The most fortunate are African-Americans who become grey later in life. Some indigenous people, however, can go well into their eighties with their original hair colour.
  • Age — Fundamentally hair changes with age, sooner for some, later for others. Half the population has 50% grey hair by the age of fifty.

Grey hair is beautiful, and there is nothing more gracious than embracing and accepting our age. With HAIRPRINT you are in control of how much grey you want to cover.

Some of our clients deliberately do not colour the hairline because the overall look is so natural with HAIRPRINT, allowing you to keep that ” distinguished look”  that grey hair provides for some. Some feel and look better and are more comfortable with less grey. HAIRPRINT allows you to enhance your natural beauty without causing you harm.


Maintenance – regularity of treatments

Often we are asked questions regarding the maintenance of hair treated with HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer. There is, however, no definitive answer to the question “how often do I need to apply the treatment?” Through the treatment, you restore melanin and its essential amino acids to your hair lost as you age.

There are however various scenarios that you may find yourself in:

1. No grey hair present.  If you do not have grey hair, but you wish to grow out your natural colour, this solution is for you. If you have moved to cleaner products and have subsequently noticed your hair lacks lustre, the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment is for you.HAIRPRINT will feed your hair, adding vitality and shine to your previously dull locks.

 2. Beginning stages of grey. HAIRPRINT is the best option for you if you find yourself at the beginning stages of going grey and you have had little to no exposure to chemical dyes. The regularity of treatment application is up to you, depends on the percentage of grey you have and how quickly your hair grows. For maintenance, read more on using half a kit.

For the above options, make use of the standard application method.

3. Currently using chemical hair dyes every 4 – 8 weeks. If you find yourself colouring your grey hair monthly, HAIRPRINT gives you a safer option. With each application of the Colour Restorer, the coverage improves. The regrowth softens and when compared to conventional colouring and its regrowth, seems less harsh.

Read up on our transition tips, when considering whether or not to colour your ends, and when to protect them.

Please note: Half a kit is often sufficient when doing roots only but may prove challenging in the case of very thick or coarse hair.

The regularity of colour treatments is dependent on hair growth and personal goals. For some clients, this means the treatment application takes place every 4-6 weeks while others apply more frequently.

4. Resistant  Grey or  White Hair. If you find your hair to be resistant or stubborn a double application can be done to improve coverage. When restoring the melanin, we are filling an empty tube of tiny little particles; it might take a while for all the pockets to fill again. We have found the more often the treatment is applied, the more receptive the hair becomes.


Guide on How to Use HAIRPRINT



This groundbreaking natural colour restorer is perfect for every hair type, any ethnicity and gender.

How you apply the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment will depend on the condition of your hair, the amount of grey and whether it is resistant or not. Different application methods are available to suit your hair type, current condition and desired amount of grey coverage.

The standard and previously chemically treated methods are essentially the same. For resistant grey hair we recommend starting with the standard application, then gauging if you would want better coverage.

The amount of grey coverage you desire will determine how many the steps are applied and which method you use.

Which application is for me?

Natural Hair | First Time Users

The standard application of this groundbreaking natural colour treatment is very straightforward.

Do your homework to understand the products you use in your current hair care regime to prepare the hair and scalp for the journey. If the hair is residue-free with nothing blocking the treatment, HAIRPRINT will work. Guaranteed!

The standard application for hair that is virginal i.e. 100% chemical free, is the best place to start and gauge how your hair responds. Ensure you have chosen the right colour.
From there you can try different application methods if need be. If you need advice get in touch! 

Chemically Treated Hair | Permed-Dyed-Relaxed-Waved

If your hair has currently undergone a chemical treatment, i.e., it has been permed, relaxed, dyed, highlighted or bleached,  go through the Transition application process. Protecting hair that has been compromised by chemical treatment might be necessary.

For information follow the link – What is causing the damage?

We advise the standard application on regrowth while protecting ends that might need it; possibly splitting a kit. Ensure you understand removing blockers and residue-free hair before beginning your journey to hair that is full of vitality.

Resistant Application | Coarse-Thick- Stubborn Grey

When hair is resistant, it could be trying to tell you its time to accept some of your greys. The beauty of Hairprint Colour Restorer is you can take some of the greys away, thereby still looking your age but not being 100% grey.

If you would like to achieve a ” just going grey” result, try the standard application first. If you have grey coverage of more than 50% and would like would like a total coverage, a resistant application may be necessary.

Check here to see if you might need two kits.

How many kits do I need?

Half Kit | Regrowth-Short Hair-Facial Hair

A half kit application is ideal for

Please consult our post on Hair Residue and Blockers before using the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer for best results.

Follow the application methods for step by step instructions.

Single Kit | Natural Hair, Regrowth Application

A single kit application is ideal for:

  • Hair that is less than 50% grey
  • Hair between 12- 30 cm’s from root to tips ( Note: thickness of hair does influence this application)

Please consult our post on Hair Residue and Blockers before using the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer for best results.

Follow the application methods for step by step instructions.

Double Kit | Resistant Grey, Coarse, Thick Hair

When to use two kits

Ageing causes the porosity of our hair to change and is the main contributor to the hair not accepting pigments or in this case eumelanin.  For some, it might be a problem, for others not.

  • For hair that is more than 50% grey hair or;
  • Resistant non-porous grey; white hair; coarse, thick hair;
  • More than 60 cm’s from root to end especially if thick/dense,
  • Hairprint is not for those whose hair is completely grey/white.

Please consult our post on Hair Residue, and Blockers before using HAIRPRINT.

During application

After Step 1- My Hair Is Still Grey (1st Restore)

HAIRPRINT is a three-step colour restoring process, so if your hair is still grey after Step 1, don’t panic!  Once all application stages are completed entirely, your hair will show full results. Continue to Step 2 (Restore again) and Step 3 (Complete).  If you remain uncertain on how to apply, please ease your mind reading through the best application methods.

Continue to Step 2 (Restore again) and Step 3 (Complete).  If you remain uncertain on how to apply, please ease your mind by reading through the best application method for your hair type and be sure if you will need 1 or 2 kits.

If you need assistance in deciding on the number of kits to apply, read our write up on using 1 or 2 kits.

After Step 2 - My Hair Is Still Grey (2nd Restore)

Your hair will still be grey after Step 2 because HAIRPRINT is a three-step process. Your hair will not show complete results until after the final step is complete. It is the last step of Restore that gives you the final result. Please continue to Step 3. If you have any questions on the application process, please visit our How to Apply page to review the instructions.

After Step 3 - My Hair Is Still Grey (3rd Complete)

If your hair is still not covered as you might have wished, please troubleshoot why. If you remain uncertain, we have plenty information available on the application process.

Should I Dry My Hair With A Blow Dryer During The Application?

We do not suggest the use of a hair dryer until the entire treatment is complete, and you have conditioned your hair. Follow the application instructions suited for your hair type and condition


What to expect when mixing powder and liquids

Powder Colour The three powder sachets included in the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer kit may be white, ash brown or brown when opening. The colour of the contents does not determine the outcome of the treatment or the efficacy of the treatment.

What to expect when mixing colour – the mixtures will swell and change colour from salmon through to a dark red. At that point, you begin to apply. As the mixture oxidises with the air, it will go very dark and look black. Your hair will not be this dark.

Restore powder and liquid, expand into a mousse. Complete powder and liquid do not expand as much and stays like a gel and produces a gentle heat. The heat opens the hair making it more receptive to the final step.

Mixture Stood For More Than 6 Minutes. Can I Still Use It?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the mixture after it is left standing untouched for more than six minutes. Each step must be applied within 5 – 6 minutes of mixing, or it becomes less active after this time.

What If I Leave A Step On Shorter Or Longer Than 15 Min?

Leaving the HAIRPRINT treatment on for less than 15 minutes will not produce optimal results. Extending the processing time to 20-30 time will only make a difference with facial hair.

I Mixed The Wrong Contents

If you have confused the Restore sachets with Complete sachets in any way, discontinue treatment and start again. We are here to help if you need to ask any questions.