How to split a kit

Splitting your kit is easy with a scale measuring grammes, preferably one-tenth of a gramme.

Always store the remaining product correctly when you do split sachets.

HALF KIT – for regrowth application on grey less than 30% grey and short hair

Liquids – 56,5g (between 56g-57g)

Restore Powder – 17.5g (between 16g – 17g)

Complete Powder – 5g

QUARTER KIT – Beards, short gents cuts

Liquids – 23g

Restore Powder – 8.75g (between 8g – 9g)

Complete Powder – 2,5g (between 2g – 3g)

Liquids: 37g – 38g

Restore Powder:  11,6g (between 11g – 12g)

Complete Powder – 3,3 (between 3g – 4g)

Storage instructions when splitting sachets

The storage instructions are simple when you have split a kit.

Ensure you close the sachets well.

If air accesses the stored product, this will reduce the efficacy. The oxidation of the product will diminish its effect.

Fold the top of the sachet over and staple close or use tape to make as airtight as possible.


Contents of HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer

Contents of Kit

1 x Prepare Sachet

2 x Restore Powder

2 x Restore Liquid

1 x Complete Powder

1 x Complete Liquid

1x Set of Nitrile Gloves

1 x Application Brush

Instructions are printed directly on the box.