What causes hair to go grey?

Before we can understand what causes grey hair, we must look at how hair gets it colour. 

Melanogenesis is the process of melanin production by melanocyte cells. The result of the production, known as pigments,  we find pigment in our skin, hair and eyes. Melanogenesis can be used to explain how the sun colours your skin, how your eyes get their colour and how our hair colours in its follicle.  When hair goes grey, the body has stopped producing natural melanin.

HAIRPRINT mimics this process using toners to nudge the colour restoring treatment to lean in one direction or another. Your hair however ultimately chooses the colour.

Some of the known causes of grey hair outside of natural ageing process include:

  • Diet — A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can accelerate grey hair, especially vitamins B-12, C, E, zinc and copper. Anaemia and thyroid conditions can also be a cause.  Junk food can cause oxidative stress to the body. Eating well is the lesson.
  • Stress – Stress as a result of lack of sleep, overworking, extreme shock, certain pharmaceuticals, and smoking can accelerate changes in the hair. Chemotherapy has been known to turn hair grey almost overnight.
  • Hair dyes — Powerful scavengers are found in permanent hair dyes that grab electrons wherever they can causing oxidative stress and sensitization that can lead to serious allergies, as well as potentially damage your DNA. The molecules in hair dye are so small that they could easily pass through the skin into your bloodstream.  We do not know what hair dyes do inside the body. There are two basic types of cells in the follicle: keratinocytes which make hair fibre and melanocytes producing pigment. Both can be affected by the constant exposure to toxic chemicals. Ironically, dyeing may accelerate the greying of hair and can damage the capacity of follicles that produce the healthier hair.
  • Genetics — People of different ethnic origin tend to go grey at various rates. Caucasians go grey the fastest. Slower than Caucasians are Asians. The most fortunate are African-Americans who become grey later in life. Some indigenous people, however, can go well into their eighties with their original hair colour.
  • Age — Fundamentally hair changes with age, sooner for some, later for others. Half the population has 50% grey hair by the age of fifty.

Grey hair is beautiful, and there is nothing more gracious than embracing and accepting our age. With HAIRPRINT you are in control of how much grey you want to cover.

Some of our clients deliberately do not colour the hairline because the overall look is so natural with HAIRPRINT, allowing you to keep that ” distinguished look”  that grey hair provides for some. Some feel and look better and are more comfortable with less grey. HAIRPRINT allows you to enhance your natural beauty without causing you harm.