Checklist: I didn’t get the grey coverage expected, why?

A checklist of 5 reasons why you may have partial or no coverage of your grey hair:

  • Blockers on the hair are the most common reason for the treatment not working correctly, HAIRPRINT could not access the hair
  • If you do NOT have a sensitive scalp, add baking soda during the Prepare pre-treatment wash.
  • You might not have used enough product during the application process. Your hair might be incredibly resistant.
  • Have you matched your natural colour to the colour chart and made the right selection? It’s important to choose the most accurate colour that matches your natural colour. One’s hair is frequently darker than we realise, using a lighter colour of HAIRPRINT Restorer than your natural colour, may then not cover your grey entirely. If you are in between two colours, we recommend that you select the darker shade.
  • Often when you are accustomed to working with conventional dye, you use the same method of application, often unconsciously. Dabbing may work for old school colours but doesn’t work, with HAIRPRINT you will need to work the colour treatment into your hair.