What colour must I use?



HAIRPRINT Colour Chart works with the universal colour code used in the hair industry to determine the actual colour of your hair.

When you are deciding which HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer kit to use; we suggest looking at the hair at the nape of your neck. After that, use the Colour Chart and descriptions below. If you find that you are between two colours, we recommend choosing a darker colour.

Referred to as the base with the scale going from 1 – 10:

1 – Black

2 – Very Dark Brown

3 – Dark Brown

4 – Brown

5 – Light Brown

6 – Dark Blonde (where possibly blonde as a child)

7 – Blonde 

8 – Light Blonde 

9 – Very Light Blonde 

10 – Lightest Blonde

Please note the following:

If your natural hair colour is between one and six i.e. black to dark blonde where you were possibly blond as a child, you CAN use HAIRPRINT.

There are two types of melanin produced through melanogenesis namely, eumelanin and pheomelanin. The latter type of melanin has not come to fruition as yet. Colour bases ranging from one – six are rich with eumelanin and arranged differently to determine the natural colour and depth of the colour base.

NB! Are you still unsure of your natural base? Opt for a darker shade according to the HAIRPRINT hair colour chart provided.

Be sure that you learn enough about blockers and residue-free hair to get the colour you want.