If you are using HAIRPRINT for the first time, we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with the product; how it works, what to expect and what is or not possible.


Does it matter how long my hair is?

Yes, length and density of hair do matter. So does the condition of the hair and if previously chemically treated or not.

When to use one or two kits

If you need advice or guidance, please get in touch.

Does my hair type or ethnicity matter?

HAIRPRINT Color Restorer kit and supporting products are for all hair types and ethnicities.

The contents, ingredients, quantities, and formulas are the same in the HAIRPRINT Color Restorer kits for Men and Women.

Shampoo and Conditioner Options

If after reading the information on our shampoos and conditioners you find you still require assistance, we will gladly guide you.

Does the amount of grey I have matter?

If you are applying HAIRPRINT to the entire head, here is what you need to know:

  • For grey coverage that is less than 50% follow the link on standard application.
  • If your coverage is less than 30 %, you can use a half kit. Please read more about storing the kit after splitting the sachets.
  • For grey coverage that extends beyond 50%, read more on the resistant application instructions.
  • We dont recommend Hairprint for WHITE hair.
  • Please see our FAQ on white hair for further information.

What if my hair is completely grey or white?

If your hair is completely white or grey, we advise that you do not use HAIRPRINT. We have found it works for some and not others due to changes in porosity that occurs with age.

Imagine you are filling an empty tube with particles of pigment. When the hair is white to refill it will always be a challenge with many applications each time you need to reapply.

If you still would like to give it a try the application method for resistant hair must be followed.

Is HAIRPRINT suitable for men and women?

Yes! HAIRPRINT works well for both men and women.

Can I share my HAIRPRINT kit?

All HAIRPRINT products are designed to work on all hair types and genders.

It is more important however to select the correct colour for your hair.

If you both have the same natural colour, you can split the kit. Before you do this, make sure that when sharing the product there is enough for each of you.

Please read more on do I need one kit or two and splitting a kit

Choosing the right HAIRPRINT Color Restorer for yourself

Which HAIRPRINT Color Restorer kit is right for me?

To determine which colour is best for you, you will need to determine your untreated current natural hair colour. The best place to observe this is at the nape of your neck.

As we age our hair does darken, and it is important to select the correct colour that closely matches your natural hair colour now and not that of your youth. You need to match this colour to the colour chart to determine the base colour of the hair.

What if I am between two colours on the colour chart?

If you are between two colours, we recommend choosing the darker colour. Your hair will not hold onto more pigment than your natural hair structure will allow.

So move one colour down on the chart (5 to 4 or 3 to 2)  to what you naturally are, you might still stay on the same Hairprint colour. But if you are a three you would use a Dark for example, not Brown. Contact us if you are not sure.

For example, if you are using a darker colour kit you will be providing your hair with enough eumelanin. If you choose the lighter shade, your hair may not receive enough eumelanin, and your white or grey coverage may not have the desired effect.

When choosing the darker shade, your hair appears darker than its natural colour at the start of the process. However, it will fade into its natural colour within a week after treatment.

Does HAIRPRINT work on brown hair?

HAIRPRINT restores the natural brown pigment (eumelanin) in the hair. In doing so, we mimic your natural colour.

Check out our Colour Chart to make the right choice for you.

Does HAIRPRINT work on blonde hair?

At this moment, HAIRPRINT does not have a formula that works on blonde hair. The Colour Restorer kit only works for naturally black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown hair.

HAIRPRINT does not work on natural blonde hair, dyed blonde, strawberry blonde, red, auburn, or brown hair with natural red tones.

Does HAIRPRINT work on red hair?

Red hair or reddish hair contain two pigments – 1) phaeomelanin (red pigment) and eumelanin (brown pigment). Our bodies make these two pigments. We are however not yet able to make these pigments within the HAIRPRINT formula. Though we are unsure if there will be a formula for red hair, the mother ship in the USA continue to investigate this option.


How long will the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment last in my hair?

The HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment where applied will last for  1– 4 months depending on hair’s porosity, hair type, how often you shampoo your hair, what home care products you use, the exposure of your hair to chlorine, salt water, and the sun.

As your roots appear, use smaller focused treatments to the new growth to maintain the overall colour, health, and shine of the hair.

How often will I need to reapply HAIRPRINT?

Reapplication of HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer is dependent on what your overall objective is. On average, application of one treatment lasts for 1 –  4 months depending on your hair type, aftercare products,  exposure to the sun, chlorine, etc. If you are not predominantly grey, you may find that applying the treatment every few months, work for you.

However, if you are mainly grey and would like a consistent cover of your grey hair, you will need to reapply the treatment as your hair requires – this is on average, 3 – 6 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Will my hair grow back in its natural colour?

HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer cannot change the genetic factor that determines grey growth rates. Your grey hair will continue to grow.

The use of conventional dyes can only cause hair loss, unnatural darkening at the roots and create hair that is prone to brittleness, dryness, and breakage. With HAIRPRINT, when you remove the harsh chemical processing from conventional dyes, you are stopping a vicious cycle that causes progressive internal hair damage and an unbalanced environment for your hair and scalp.

HAIRPRINT is both a colour and protein restoration treatment in one. Wherever you apply HAIRPRINT Color Restorer, the hair will become stronger, healthier, and naturally shiny. With each application, the hair becomes more readily accepting of the pigmentation process.

You can nourish and protect healthy hair growth and maintain a balanced, healthy scalp with regular use of our HAIRPRINT Shampoo and Conditioner selections.

Should I do a root treatment or all over treatment?

HAIRPRINT restores the natural colour, protein, shine, and strength of grey hair. Your longer hair becomes more accepting of the process with each treatment. However, roots and new growth, not yet treated by HAIRPRINT, may remain less porous and more resistant. You can treat all of your hair or you may use Hairprint on roots and new growth only. There is no wrong answer.

After your first successful treatment of HAIRPRINT, if you want to focus HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer on your roots and new growth only, you may use half our normal recommended amounts.

Root treatments:

Under 3% grey roots – Half Colour Restorer Kit  is often sufficient for roots only, especially if the hair is not too thick

30% – 50% grey roots – The standard application with a full kit is advised especially when you start your journey.

Over 50% grey roots: If the hair is stubborn or thick 1 – 2 kits might be needed. The resistant application also needs to be considered.

For best application read more here.

You may wish to do an all over treatment once every 2-6 months or as needed, based on your needs and goals when using HAIRPRINT.

Health and Safety

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments

Brazilian hair straightening treatments also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, Brazilian Blowout, Escova Progressiva, Keratin Cure or Keratin Straightening, is a method of temporarily straightening hair by sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron. There is a similar treatment known as the Japanese Yuko System.

These treatments severely damage the hair. If unmaintained, the hair becomes dry, frizzy, and brittle. If you have had this treatment, you will need to wait 3-4 months for the keratin to wear off as it seals the hair and prevents HAIRPRINT from gaining access to the cortex of the hair.

As long the straightened/processed hair is present, you will also need to employ our Transition Tips, unless your hair is dark brown or black, so that your hair does not go too dark.

Will HAIRPRINT discolour my skin, clothes and towels?

Yes, any porous surface, clothes, towels and hands will stain. Please wear and use dark clothing and towels during the application process.

If the colour treatment gets on your skin, simply wipe it off with a wet towel or use a cleanser to remove it. We recommend wearing the gloves provided with the kit when applying the product.

If coloration occurs on your hands, it gets better quickly. If your forehead or scalp is dry, it may temporarily stain the skin but will subsequently fade after shampooing. To prevent staining, apply a thin coat of oil or shea butter to your forehead and temples.

To avoid staining of your sink, bathtub, or other surfaces, please wipe away HAIRPRINT splatters after each application step.

Is HAIRPRINT safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Many health care professionals recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding stop using hair dye.

With HAIRPRINT, you are placing a vegetable-based pigment that is made every day inside your body. The melanin pigment in HAIRPRINT is already present in millions of skin cells.

However, we recommend that you check the ingredients carefully and consult with your physician before using this product.

Is it safe to use HAIRPRINT if I have chemical sensitivities?

Yes, HAIRPRINT is an excellent choice for those with chemical sensitivities. We use mostly safe ingredients that are hypoallergenic.

HAIRPRINT is odorless. You are placing a vegetable-based pigment that is made every day inside your body, on the outside of the body.

Can I use HAIRPRINT if I am a cancer survivor?

Yes, you can. Formulated without toxicity, HAIRPRINT enhances both beauty and human health. HAIRPRINT honors the integrity of the human body by replacing the pigments that are native to your hair and body and contains no harmful chemicals or dyes. Read more on our ingredients.

Rogaine or Minoxidil

If you are using the topical cream known as Rogaine (trade name: Minoxidil), you can use HAIRPRINT without experiencing issues. Minoxidil is essentially a dilating medicine that widens blood vessels, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.

Best used dates and storage instructions

Unopened kits: Store contents in a cool, dry place at room temperature. To maintain content freshness, keep contents sealed in the package until ready to use.

Opened Contents: After opening the liquid/powder, you must seal them tightly as directed. Roll up the powder packets tightly. Use a paper clip to seal down the packages and store contents in a zip-lock bag. Fold down remaining liquid packets and staple or clip it shut. Follow these tips on storage and splitting a kit.

Alternatively, pour the remaining contents in a double sealed zip-lock bag and reseal in an airtight bottle. Be sure to label the container so that you know its contents.

You can also use a vacuum sealer to remove air and reseal components airtightly, ensuring that the longevity of your kit contents.

If your kit contains bottles, close the screw top tightly.

Store as directed. Opened components should last two months. There may be some discoloration in the powders once re-opened; however, it will not alter the effectiveness of the product.

Our Pre–treatment should not be halved. We advise that you use all its contents as it adds to the success of the treatment.

Once you open your HAIRPRINT Color Restorer treatment kit, you are responsible for ensuring the efficacy and quality remain optimal. If you need additional powders and liquids purchased, please make contact with support@hairprint.co.za

Can I use HAIRPRINT on my bikini area or on any other parts of my body?

Yes! Our customers have used HAIRPRINT on different parts of their bodies. However, the texture and strength of the hair, as well as its porosity, varies according to the various regions of the body. Because of this, we cannot guarantee results when using HAIRPRINT on areas not considered scalp hair.

After Care

HAIRPRINT Shampoo and Conditioner – suggested use

We created all HAIRPRINT shampoo and conditioner options be universal for all hair types: dyed, chemically treated, natural, or anything in between.

Pre-HAIRPRINT and Weekend Detox Shampoos

Recommended use: Once every 7-10 days.

Clarifying Shampoo – Removes build-up from the hair and scalp from shampoos/conditioners/styling products/leave in treatments.  The shampoo removes ingredient build-up from silicones, polymers natural and synthetic, waxes, oils, sebum build-up, soap, and other blockers to the pores and the follicles of the hair.

Chelating Shampoo – Performs the job of a clarifying shampoo plus the job of removing mineral build-up from hard water deposits. Over 80% of the United States has various levels of hard water or well water, which also has mineral content.

Exfoliating Shampoo – Gentle non-irritating cleansers combined with scalp exfoliation. Removes dry skin cells and residue build-up on that blocks scalp pores. Stimulates and promotes a healthy/clean scalp. Can be used as needed to help restore scalp balance and vitality. If your scalp is red, irritated or prone to problems, this is a gentle cleanser you may wish to try. This option can be used in place of Clarifying or it can be added to one of our daily use shampoos once a week or as needed.

Daily Use Shampoos/Conditioners

Recommended use: Every 2-3 days as needed, but gentle enough for everyday use.  All were created to restore and balance the scalp and hair environment over time.

Fermented Bamboo  Rich in natural silica and biotin which helps promote physical volume. It also supplies slip, frizz control, softening and shine to the hair.  For sensitive scalps, it helps heal and protect. Excellent for thin or fine hair.

Amla Butter – Moisture rich, penetrates the hair, nourishes the follicle, conditions your locks, adds luster, and has long been used for millennia to stimulate healthy hair growth. Treats dandruff, scalp conditions, and dryness. Can prevent hair loss and breakage when applied to the longer portions of the hair. Excellent for dry hair.

Bio-Active Marine Kelp – Repairs and restores. A moisturising antioxidant rich formula. Excellent for dry scalps and nutrient deficient hair. Promotes cell health, stimulates collagen production and provides powerful antioxidant properties for skin protection. It is highly emollient and particularly useful to smooth the hair shaft, reduce frizz and increase radiance. Excellent for all hair types.

If one or more sounds good to you try mixing and matching shampoo and a conditioner!

Are oils or oil treatments okay to use on my hair?

Coconut, Argan, Shea and other oils are wonderful treatments for your hair as they restore and seal in moisture. Constant use of oils prior to treatment can permeate the hair and prevent HAIRPRINT from working optimally.

Please stop applying oils to your hair at least 3-4 days before applying HAIRPRINT (ideally a week). Please cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo before you wash with the Pretreatment. Read more on Hair Residue and blockers.

Can I dye my hair after using HAIRPRINT?

Yes, you can dye your hair after using HAIRPRINT and it will not interfere with the chemical process in any way.

However, please be aware that if you’d like to maintain your dyed colour when you apply HAIRPRINT again, you’ll need to follow our Transition Tips.

Can I highlight my hair after using HAIRPRINT?

Yes, you can highlight your hair after using HAIRPRINT and it will not interfere with the highlighting process in any way.

However, please be aware that if you’d like to maintain your highlights when you apply HAIRPRINT again, you’ll need to follow our Transition Tips.

Can I use hair gloss or glaze after applying HAIRPRINT?

Yes, you can use either after applying HAIRPRINT.

Please note that you will need to wait until the gloss or glaze is completely removed from your hair before applying HAIRPRINT again or it will block HAIRPRINT’s access.

In the case of a glaze, please wait at least two weeks. In the case of a gloss, please wait at least four weeks.