How was HAIRPRINT invented?

Dr John Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (Massachusetts) is the mastermind behind HAIRPRINT. An honorary chemist, Dr Warner, has received many awards including the Perkin Medal – widely recognised as the highest honour in American chemistry.

Over a four-year period, Dr Warner was able to perfect a safe, non-toxic process that imitates what hair follicles do – infuse hair with its natural pigment.

When Warner began his journey to find a natural way to colour hair, he began with working on grey hair cuttings that took on varying shades, ranging from light brown to jet-black.

Unable to achieve consistent results, Warner inquired what the problem was and was advised by his supplier that the cuttings were not from a single donor. They were in fact from many sources. That is when Warner realised that HAIRPRINT might be restoring natural colour to the hair.

He tested this theory by applying it to his hair, which had gone grey as a young man at Princeton. In just 80 minutes, it returned his hair to the same colour he remembered having thirty years before applying the treatment. HAIRPRINT was born.

Once exposed to HAIRPRINT, the hair’s natural pigment though currently, grey hair accepts the pigments which are being restored to the hair via the treatment, resulting in your natural colour appearing. Dr Warner knew this when he began experimenting. What he did not expect was how HAIPRINT transformed the condition of the hair, making it stronger, giving it more body and lustre.

Rather than thinking of HAIRPRINT as a colouring agent, think of it as a Hair Healing System that just happens to restore grey hair to its natural colour.

To learn more about the science of HAIRPRINT, please watch our short series of  videos.