Maintenance – regularity of treatments

Often we are asked questions regarding the maintenance of hair treated with HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer. There is, however, no definitive answer to the question “how often do I need to apply the treatment?” Through the treatment, you restore melanin and its essential amino acids to your hair lost as you age.

There are however various scenarios that you may find yourself in:

1. No grey hair present.  If you do not have grey hair, but you wish to grow out your natural colour, this solution is for you. If you have moved to cleaner products and have subsequently noticed your hair lacks lustre, the HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment is for you.HAIRPRINT will feed your hair, adding vitality and shine to your previously dull locks.

 2. Beginning stages of grey. HAIRPRINT is the best option for you if you find yourself at the beginning stages of going grey and you have had little to no exposure to chemical dyes. The regularity of treatment application is up to you, depends on the percentage of grey you have and how quickly your hair grows. For maintenance, read more on using half a kit.

For the above options, make use of the standard application method.

3. Currently using chemical hair dyes every 4 – 8 weeks. If you find yourself colouring your grey hair monthly, HAIRPRINT gives you a safer option. With each application of the Colour Restorer, the coverage improves. The regrowth softens and when compared to conventional colouring and its regrowth, seems less harsh.

Read up on our transition tips, when considering whether or not to colour your ends, and when to protect them.

Please note: Half a kit is often sufficient when doing roots only but may prove challenging in the case of very thick or coarse hair.

The regularity of colour treatments is dependent on hair growth and personal goals. For some clients, this means the treatment application takes place every 4-6 weeks while others apply more frequently.

4. Resistant  Grey or  White Hair. If you find your hair to be resistant or stubborn a double application can be done to improve coverage. When restoring the melanin, we are filling an empty tube of tiny little particles; it might take a while for all the pockets to fill again. We have found the more often the treatment is applied, the more receptive the hair becomes.