What is HAIRPRINT and how does it work?

HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer is a natural colour treatment restoring the natural eumelanin – aka pigment or colour, to your hair.

We’re giving you the hue you were born with, the way nature intended. The pigment that creates the colour of your hair lives in the hair follicle. HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer imitates that biological process and adds back the natural colour (eumelanin) from the outside. Working with vegetable extracts from velvet beans, we have created a simple, safe and harmless way to restore grey hair.

We do not use any dyes, PPD, PTD, coal tars, paraben’s, high levels of ammonia or peroxide to strip colour. There is no smell, itching or burning, treatment restores and strengthens the hair while adding body and improving the natural shine of your hair, where applied. The eumelanin pigment, naturally produced in hair, is a protein and while your hair changes from grey back to its natural colour where applied, you are also adding protein to the hair.

HAIRPRINT works by restoring the natural pigment to your hair. Because all ‘hair prints’ are as unique as fingerprints, the structure of your ‘hair print’ determines how the pigment arranges itself. It also determines how light refracts, and refraction determines how we perceive colour. Dyes do not do this. That is why hair saturated with natural pigment always looks different and better than hair that is chemically dyed.

During the HAIRPRINT treatment, new eumelanin synthesises within the cortex of the hair. This process is called melanogenesis and happens continuously within the body.