hairprint spring clean your haircare regime

Spring Clean your Hair Care Regime

Winter is coming to an end, and sunny days are stretching ahead. You might already be feeling that “Spring fever”, the urge to clean up and clear out the old so you can usher in the new.

One of the best places to start, is with your beauty products – clear away the old chemical-laden gunk, and replace it with fresh, natural alternatives that actively nourish your hair and skin.

Get a Bright New Start with HAIRPRINT

Spring is all about new growth, and if you’re looking to breathe life back into tired, weighed-down hair, the HAIRPRINT range will do just that.

When hair starts to lose its pigment and vitality, you may be tempted to slather it with chemical dyes. But with HAIRPRINT, you can unlock the colour that’s still present in the greying strands of hair, and restore it in a completely natural way.

How does it Work?

HAIRPRINT isn’t a dye. It’s a three-step colour healing treatment, created to return grey hair to its original shade.

Instead of stripping and painting the hair, like ordinary dyes do, HAIRPRINT actually infuses your hair with its natural pigment, using your body’s unique melanin packing system. (This special melanin structure is what we call your “hair print” – it’s unique to you, just like your fingerprints!)

HAIRPRINT gives you natural-looking results, and gorgeous silky texture, helping to recapture your hair’s youthful vitality.

The treatment can be used effectively on brown, dark brown or black hair, as well as body hair and facial hair. There is no formula available for blonde or red hair just yet (but watch this space).

The HAIRPRINT selection also includes natural shampoos and conditioners, which remove product build-up and enhance the health of your hair and scalp.

You can enjoy a restorative HAIRPRINT treatment at one of our selected salons, or apply it at home – it takes just 90 minutes and the results are worth it.

Get back in touch with your roots! Embrace your natural colour this Spring, and shine.

Take the First Step to Sensational Hair

Before you buy a HAIRPRINT colour restorer, it’s important to read our transition tips, especially if you have used conventional dyes or treatments on your hair in the past.

For this information and more, visit the Gentle Approach website or call 021 797 8246.