Residue Free Hair that has no build-up

If the hair is residue free with possible blockers removed, HAIRPRINT pigments can access the hair, and the colour treatment works beautifully.

There are, however, chemicals, compounds and even some ingredients labelled as “natural” or “organic” in new shampoos, conditioners, styling products. These can coat the hair and leave a build- up of residue. Soaps such as potassium cocoate (used in shampoos) leave a residue. You must eliminate the build – up created for Hairprint to work.

To ensure you remove the residue completely and successfully from your hair, we recommend using our Detox Option shampoos.

Pre HAIRPRINT treatment – For build-up removal to prepare the hair to accept the natural pigments of the natural colour restorer kit, we recommend the detox shampoo’s  to add to your regimen.

Post HAIRPRINT – Commercial clarifying shampoos have active surfactants; we do not recommend the use of these products. Many contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a lathering and degreasing agent that is harsh for the scalp and will compromise the longevity of colour and the feel of the hair after it’s had the natural colour restored.

After use of HAIRPRINT Color Restorer, we recommended using of one of our Daily Shampoos and Conditioners which have the Made Safe Certification.

If you have QUAT’s in your products, please, see the particular recommendations as these can cause build – up on the hair. Removal of the build- up can’t occur with our detox shampoos.