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Reminds me of being a teenager at high school.

I was becoming accepting of my grey hair, but all my friends and family members were not. So I started to try a natural way. My first option was Henna, but I ended up being very orange, and that looked weird.

Then I tried the conventional way which I always knew would give me either nausea or headaches. When introduced to HAIRPRINT I immediately knew that this was food, food for my hair and that in itself was a long journey. Finding femininity or long hair which I never particularly enjoyed before. It’s natural, I feel natural, the weight of the hair itself is different. It’s got the moisture, the melanin there is a certain weight to it. So the chemical thing, I am sorry it does not have the weight, the presence.

Sanae W, JapanSalon client, South Africa
Thank you so much for your awesome product!

I have been dyeing my hair with conventional products for 25 years and I always worried about the chemicals I was using. Now I can use Hairprint and not worry about adversely affecting my health. Not only that, but my hair is actually healthier after using Hairprint even though I severely damaged it by dyeing it for so long. I won’t ever use anything but Hairprint again! Thank you so much.

Jenn SCustomer USA

It has been an easy transition from chemical-based products.

What I always had a problem with is that stylists would always make me dark or too bleached with artificial looking products. HAIRPRINT has taken my colour back to its natural colour when I was young.

As I am in the healing industry I believe in promoting the body’s ability to heal. I also believe that putting healthy products onto your skin is vital to stay well. So when HAIRPRINT came on the scene, I was excited to try it. It has been an easy transition from chemical-based products. You see the difference from when you put it on the first time; the regrowth is much more natural, it’s softer and looks a lot more real. So it’s is not a harsh product that absorbs through the scalp which is then toxic for the body.

Being busy in my therapy centre I don’t always have the time to go to the salon so being able to do it at home is great. Of course, it’s always nice to have your hair done in the salon, but it’s quite easy to do at home. I alternate between the salon and home, so that also saves me time and money. I only come into the salon once every two months, which is great.

Linda B,Customer, South Africa
Hairprint leaves the hair in better condition
Clients of mine have cried tears of joy squealing, “this is my color, this is my color!” As they marvel at their hair in the mirror. It is really quite stunning! It’s as diverse as real hair because Hairprint reads each individual strand of hair with its subtle differences. The eyes are very perceptive and can see these differences. And because Hairprint leaves the hair in better condition, the results on dark brown and black hair are breathtaking.
Jennifer BStylist USA
This stuff is truly amazing!

I had rather forgot how my hair looked when I was 20, lol. Besides the bit of gray being totally gone, even better: the color is much richer/deeper, and my hair is much softer/shinier. My girlfriend gets her hair coloured professionally (RRR’s) and was so excited she’s purchased it too. I should also mention that it has had a pronounced effect on volume. Like it’s really noticeable. I dunno why or how but without a doubt where hair was thinning a bit I now have much better coverage. It’s kind of the best of both worlds – non-toxic And clearly superior to dyes etc. Anyway, how can I buy shares in the company?

David MCustomer USA

As a vegan environmentalist, I do not use any chemicals on my body and have been applying the most ‘natural hair’ colour available in SA for the last couple of years.

Though they have all worked in making the grey hairs appear less noticeable, none of them achieved a uniform colour. The grey hair also seemed to become ‘saturated’ after a couple of applications and wouldn’t dye anymore.

The henna-brands kept turning my hair darker and darker with each application, while the ‘natural’ brands all still contain some form of harmful chemical.

My hair was three different shades before using Hairprint, with the grey roots not taking any colour on, henna or non-henna. I was skeptical at first, as Hairprint is completely natural, containing plants, seed, fruit and natural household ingredients.

Hairprint, however, worked from the first application, covering the grey perfectly and leaving my hair one even colour – very similar to my hair colour before I went grey. The condition is also much softer, with a lot more volume compared to other products I had used before. The application of Hairprint is easy, taking 1 hour to apply, develop and rinse.

No more trying to blend powders and still having messy clumps falling everywhere. I will use Hairprint forever after, as it not only looks great but does absolutely no harm…

Tips from my experience:

  • Do not towel dry your hair too much before any of the steps 1,2 or 3. The product goes further and absorbs better if your hair is suitably damp. Especially the roots and grey hairs.
  •  I have realised one has to leave your hair quite moist/wet before step 3. To get everything covered, as the colour mix does not expand as much as the first two stages, meaning, there is much less product to work with.

They grey covered well, and all the hair blends…bottom tips still slightly darker, but I am sure this will fade. I will in future now only colour the roots and top of my hair which is faster to fade.