Uneven Coverage

Uneven coverage can also be attributed to the build–up of residues on areas of the hair that have not been removed properly by the Prepare or pre–treatment. Have a look at blockers that can get in the way of HAIRPRINT restoring your colour.

Some hair types are more porous than others:

  • Grey is more accepting of hair colour than white hair.
  • Finer hair absorbs hair colour easier than coarse hair.

For stubborn areas that are not achieving the coverage (often at the temple and sideburn areas) use baking soda during the Prepare process. Working it into the resistant areas when the pretreatment is lathered up on the hair. You can also leave the Prepare on the hair for longer (20–30 minutes) this will open the cuticles more, especially with very coarse/resistant hair including facial hair.

We highly recommend the Chelating, Clarifying or Exfoliating Shampoo’s before you start your to restore your natural colour.

Other factors that may prevent HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer treatment from not giving you the result you want include:

  • Using an incorrect amount of HAIRPRINTfor the length of your hair or percentage of grey
  • How long your hair has been grey for
  • What your hair history is
  • Porosity of your hair
  • Regularly use products on your hair

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Free advice is always available